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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Cabrillo Dental, we believe that all dentistry should be viewed from a cosmetic standpoint.  Our vow is to leave your teeth healthier and more aesthetically pleasing with any procedure we perform. Whether a single filling or a complete smile makeover, our experts in cosmetic dentistry produce stunning smiles, enhancing the overall quality of every patient’s life.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?
Yes. All of our cosmetic restorations are:
  • Metal-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Biocompatible

Cosmetic dentistry often involves the removal of old, failing dental work that contains mercury and low-quality metals, with high risks of allergic reactions.  Not only do we leave your teeth visually enhanced, we leave them much healthier!

Dental Issues Addressed with Cosmetic Dentistry
If any of these issues cause you to hide your smile, cosmetic dentistry is for you:

  • Stained or discolored teeth.
  • Silver or dark metallic fillings.
  • Tooth-colored fillings that have darkened or have dark brown borders.
  • Old crowns with a dark grey line at the gums.
  • Gold crowns.
  • Chipped, jagged, and crooked teeth
  • Teeth with grayish stripes or splotchy discoloration (Tetracycline staining).
  • Teeth with bright white spots.
Types of Cosmetic Dentistry is Available

All of our doctors at Cabrillo Dental have extensive training in the following cosmetic dental procedures:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Porcelain inlays
  • Ceramic crowns
  • Smile Enhancement
Teeth whitening
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Teeth whitening

Whitening your teeth is the fastest and easiest way to improve your smile! We offer both in-office and take-home whitening procedures.
Tooth-colored fillings
tooth colored filling

Tooth-colored fillings

Every filling we do is cosmetic. We match the filling to the color of your tooth, making it almost invisible to the naked eye.

Porcelain inlays

Porcelain inlays

If your tooth has suffered breakdown, we can repair larger problems with all-porcelain, metal-free restorations.
Ceramic crowns
san marcos Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns

Many teeth must be completely covered for both health and cosmetic reasons. Whether we are placing a new crown or replacing an old one, we use only all-ceramic, hypoallergenic materials.

Smile Enhancement

Total Smile Enhancement

Many of our patients are looking for a complete smile makeover. Our skilled dentists use various dental techniques to transform a smile, including porcelain veneers to cover the visible surface of teeth, ceramic crowns to completely cover the teeth, or even implant dentistry {link to new implant dentistry page} to replace all of your teeth.

Unsure About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many people want the perfect smile, but are hesitant or anxious about cosmetic dentistry.  Others are fearful of committing to a permanent transformation in their smile.  If these statements describe you, call us today to set up a FREE Cosmetic Smile Simulator.

The Cosmetic Smile Simulator allows you try before you buy!  It is a digital design process that produces a simulation of the final result of your cosmetic dentistry procedure.  Once you communicate the specific style and look you want for your dream smile, our doctors produce a digital photograph of your face to reveal your final results with the smile you have described.  We can adjust the shape, size, color, and alignment of the teeth on the photo software to provide you with your final outcome.  Usually, the actual result is even better than the simulation!

Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Call today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our highly skilled doctors. 


We accept almost all dental insurance, however call us please to confirm your individual dental plan. Cabrillo Dental is a preferred provider for most dental health insurance plans.